Explore crypto opportunities with holistic service and diversified, market‑neutral strategies

About us

Hardcore Labs is a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund run by a team of professionals in crypto, traditional finance and data science.
Our inhouse market-neutral strategies are a stepping stone for the progressive wealthy into the world of digital assets.
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Our strategies utilize crypto market inefficiencies in a market-neutral way, without crypto exposure. Simply put: we earn in USD regardless of whether crypto prices rise, drop or stay the same.
Decentralized Lab
Centralized Lab
Crypto has evolved into decentralized finance - a term for traditional financial services implemented on a decentralized infrastructure (blockchain). Examples are decentralized exchanges, lending, or derivative protocols.
Crypto is a trillion-dollar market with institutional capital, yet it's still much less efficient than traditional finance. The inefficiencies (coming from systematic drawbacks, manipulations, and lags) can be utilized.
What we do
We allocate capital to a diversified list of trusted decentralized platforms and receive incentives - similar to the way traditional investors receive returns on bank deposits. Our data analytics and algo units ensure optimal capital allocation and hedging.
Our inhouse algorithms signal and execute trades when inefficiencies develop - for example, in the form of price spreads between congruent assets.
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Minimum investment
Currency exposure USD or fully USD-backed stablecoins (e.g., USDC)
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Below you will find our fund’s legal documentation, including the Memorandum and Partnership Agreement.
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Partnership Agreement
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Legal Documentation

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Investor Portal

Opus has a proprietary investor Portal that allows investors, advisors, custodians, CPAs and other interested parties to quickly view or download capital balance statements, view transactions, read fund manager letters, K1s and other important documents. The portal also allows investors to quickly submit an additional subscription into an existing fund without additional paperwork. The Opus investor Portal uses the same exact security as Symphony, which undergoes rigorous SOC 1 testing each year.


Alexander Makogon
Alexander Makogon
Managing Partner
  • Ex CEO & Partner of a quantitative crypto hedge fund with $50M+ under management
  • 7+ years (25+ projects in 10 countries) of management consulting in McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and QuantumBlack with focus on commercial applications of advanced analytics and machine learning in fintech, banking, and telecom
  • 10+ time prizewinner of regional Math, Physics, Analytical mechanics and Strength of materials olympiads
  • Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in Low temperature physics & Cryogenics (4.9 / 5.0 GPA)
Philipp Vasiliev
Philipp Vasiliev
Head of Research
  • 5 years of professional crypto career with roles in venture capital, research & analytics - walking encyclopedia of crypto and decentralized finance
  • Former senior portfolio manager at $300M crypto hedge fund
  • Ex- strategy analyst at Raiffeisen Bank CIB
  • Degree in Economics from Higher School of Economics and University of London
Alexander Boyko
Alexander Boyko
Head of Trading
  • 5+ years of quantitative research & high-frequency trading in leading firms:
    – Managed over $50M in both high liquidity and low liquidity strategies
    – Developed innovative machine learning models at Quantum Brains with over $10 billion in monthly trading volumes
  • Degree in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology («‎Phystech»)
  • Degree in Quantitative finance from Center of Mathematical Finance, Higher School of Economics - top 5 out of ~1000 graduates rating
Andrey Maltsev
Andrey Maltsev
Head of Quantitative Research
  • 5+ years of experience in data analytics (incl. Yandex) and algorithmic trading
  • Summa cum laude (5.0 / 5 GPA) degree in Mathematics from Saint Petersburg State University
  • Graduate of CSC and Yandex School of Data Analysis
Alexander Zaykov
Alexander Zaykov
Applied Mathematics Research Lead
  • Extensive experience as a senior software developer in Yandex, responsible for reserach, software and infrastructure development in ads, largest Yandex’s business
  • 5-time prizewinner of the National Math Olympiad
  • Winner of MIPT («Phystech») Math Olympiad
  • Gradiated from Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology («‎Phystech») with a degree in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science
Victor Kulikov
Viktor Kulikov
Quantitative Development Lead
  • 5+ years in high frequency trading providing Market Making for top-tier crypto exchanges using extensive set of trading strategies in QuantumBrains:
    – Managed over $100 millions primarily in different types of arbitrage strategies
    – Made over $60 billion monthly trading volume via market making
    – Led new crypto markets strategies development
    – Led development of quant monitoring systems
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Higher School of Economics
  • Master’s Degree in Financial Technologies of Big Data from IFMO university
  • Passionate software developer